Monthly Karate/Self Defense/Martial Arts Classes for Kids

Unlimited plan: $110  for a 4 month agreement  Classes

Monday - Friday 5pm or 6pm
or $120 month to month (no Commitment)

Three times a week

$90 for a 4 month agreement
Monday-Tuesday- Thursday 5pm or 6pm
$99 month to month

Twice a week

$75 for a 4 month agreement
Monday- Tuesday- Thursday 5pm or 6pm
$80 month to month

Once a Week

$50 for a 4 month agreement
Fridays at 4:15pm  
$60 month to month

Uniform $35  Belt Promotions $15
Sparring Gear :  

$25/Gloves $25/Feet $55 Helmet

One Year Master Plan
$85 Monthly Unlimited Classes Monday thru Friday 

Includes: Free Uniform, Free Gloves and Free Belt Promotions

After School Program $45/ $50 weekly
  Wednesday master plan schedule
*4pm tumbling *4:30pm boxing *5-6pm fighting and grappling

Summer Camp, Spring Camp, Winter Camp and Day Camp Available 

Starting at $90 Per Week

Fitness Kickboxing for Women

$55 Per Month

$45 Per Month for 6 Month Commitment

$10 for Only One Class

Personal Training 

Starts at $20 Per Session

WKF Fitness    One Free Class

Karate for Kids, Fitness Kickboxing , Self Defense, Summer Camp, After School Program  

786-333-0428 Miami, Florida, 33174