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Martial Arts trainer

Alexander Reyes

* Over 30 Years Experience

* 3 Time Karate World Champion

* Head Coach of ASG Sponsored National Team

* Boxing Trainer

* MMA Trainer

* 3rd Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate

* 2 years Experience in Jiu Jitsu

adult fitness trainer                      

Sheyla reyes                    

* Certified Personal Trainer  

* Black Belt in Kickboxing    

* Black Belt in Karate                          

* Over 15 years experience


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WKF offers fun-filled, action-packed programs designed specifically for students of all ages in Miami, Florida.  We offer a wide variety of programs to suit your needs, from Self-Defense to Cardio Exercise! Whether you want to learn how to protect yourself, gain more self-confidence, or improve your health, WKF Fitness  will help you meet your goals!

WKF''s  extensive list of Martial Arts training programs in Miami, Florida includes:
Physical conditioning, Self-defense, Goal setting & motivation, Improving self-esteem & confidence