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WKF offers fun-filled, action-packed programs designed specifically for students of all ages in Miami, Florida by FIU South in the town of Sweetwater.  We offer a wide variety of programs to suit your needs, from Self-Defense to Cardio Exercise! Whether you want to learn how to protect yourself, gain more self-confidence, or improve your health, WKF Fitness  will help you meet your goals! Martial Arts is also very benficial for kids teaching them discipline, listening skills, teamwork and more

WKF''s  extensive list of Martial Arts training programs in Miami, Florida includes:
Physical conditioning, Self-defense, Goal setting & motivation, Improving self-esteem & confidence

Martial Arts trainer

Alexander Reyes

* Over 30 Years Experience

* 3 Time Karate World Champion

* Head Coach of ASG Sponsored National Team

* Boxing Trainer

* MMA Trainer

* 3rd Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate

* 2 years Experience in Jiu Jitsu

adult fitness trainer                      

Sheyla reyes                    

* Certified Personal Trainer  

* Black Belt in Kickboxing    

* Black Belt in Karate                          

* Over 15 years experience


Enrique Rivera

Jiujitsu Coach 

Brazilian JiuJitsu

Over 16 Year Experience